Wednesday, September 1, 2010

So there was a crazy guy trying to be a hero again in maryland

Why is it that everytime someone thinks that they can change the world its sincerely based off thier ignorance?

This idiot really stormed into Discovery HQ and took hostages...


to save the enviroment.

Now i dont know about you but hippies with ar-15 's is usually a visual contradiction.

When peaceful protest comes to a point of direct violence that interrupts innocent lives, thats where the line is crossed in my humble yet loud opinion.
What would he have even accomplished in doing something so stupid? walk out in a bodybag (which he did and i called it when i first heard about it) Or potentially just ruin other families lives by taking there loved ones out...

I dunna it seems to me that its a rather injustice to the rest of the human race and more of a lack of intellegence, there is no such thing as a one man army, this was an obvious run of the mill wanna be that guy thats the new public hero.


guy looks like a dick now, hes dead, mad people laughed about his reason, and hes now sitting in a fridge with a toe tag.....

sucks to be him for sure.

I dunna thats the news for yall today

-Teddy Ball Game Bland


  1. Heard about the case. The guy was nuts, nothing else.

  2. Yeah i was on the metro when this shit happened.
    me and like 600 other people on the car... metro was CRAWLING. shit sucked.