Tuesday, September 7, 2010

News for 9/7/2010

So i wake up this morning to see whats going on in the world today and stumble upon this great story.

A woman in massachusetts was stung more than 500 times by yellow jackets in her yard.


Seriously this happened, but that is not the best part.

NOT only was she completely destroyed by these bees, the firefighters that where called to help her where also stung.

The hive was so enraged at this woman that the fire extinguishers that the local fire department where using did absolutely nothing to the bees.

If you where sprayed with a fire extinguisher how would you handle it?
not better than 500 bees thats for damn sure.

Since when do bees really get that pissed off?
Was the woman antagonizing the bees to the point where it looked like a scene from 300.
Whatever the case...

Since there is nothing going on in this small massachusetts town the local police said that they returned to the place of attack and wanted to find the hive... but alas could not find it.

So these bees literally sting and bite the shit out of this woman, and completely vanish in thin air.
Epic bees.
plain and simple.
fall on a hive, get stung by 500 of the fuckers in a last ditch effort to save the hive.

ANYWAYS to more important issues

a woman in iran was sentenced to death by stoning for adultery, for all you illiterates out there it means cheating.

So of course over in the middle east its the equivalent of being hitler.

Whens the last time you have ever heard of such a thing, someone being stoned to death, for cheating.

The guy who whistle blew is a pretty big pussy imo.

Your going to the iranian police about your wife fuckin another dude?
Im not one to point fingers but ive seen some shit, been through shit, and have shit to say.

You make your women wear garbs of clothing to completely cover themselves from the outside world so that they cannot be seen, and you know for damn sure over there its one of those, no shoes live in the kitchen kind of situations.


So there probably going to get there fuck on that wants to seem them naked.

IMO it be like buying a lottery ticket, your probably going to lose most of the time being that you dont know whats underneath it all.

back on topic

The vatican is getting involved with this to use thier diplomacy.
Iran is a muslim country.
So in turn this is going to end up in a REALLY REALLY bad way.

My projections are that iran is going to be highly offended that the christian church is trying to push thier views on thier culutre, and some how relate it back to america yell at us about it, and then proceed to stone the woman, put it on live television just to piss the world off becTh ause iran is a little bitch about stuff like that.

I dunna

It just seems to me that everytime that someone throws in a normal modern thought, iran takes it like we just drew a picture of muhammed and had W cum all over it eating a rack of ribs with nipple tassles on and they have sparklers on them.

The EU is calling the act barbaric and is doing whatever they can to save the womans life. The guy who ratted on her should have just put some macob lyrics on his facebook and used that as an outlet to make people feel bad for him, just like the majority of us all do when where to emotional to write are own thoughts and feelings but use someone elses clever vagueness as our own.

Is iran taking this to far? or does the cheating bitch deserve the biblical morbid punishment?
should america just let the woman come here and get 500 bees to sting her and make iran stfu for once about there way to over the top power struggle that makes them look like crazies.